Noreve – Luxury Leather cases for Smartphones

With the arrival of the iPhone X and the Note 8, many have been scrambling to find the perfect case that will provide a balance between form, functionality, and protection. One thing is certain however, nothing looks better or feels better in your hand than premium leather. Noreve, specialize in making stylish, elegant, and protective leather cases for your favorite devices.

Designed in the beautiful St. Tropez in the South of France, Noreve believes in one fundamental principal – Everything is based on quality, and from that, the company prides itself on using quality leathers, quality molds and exceptional cutting techniques to cultivate the art of the object.

What makes Noreve’s smartphone accessories so appealing is the ability to customize your choice with what they call different ranges. Each range features different design cues, materials, and patterns to truly make a premium case that suits everyone’s need. Consumers can also specify coloring both in and outside the case as well as dictate overall design with both snap on, folio and flip down varieties available.

We were given the opportunity to try Noreve’s own Ambition and Exception range for the Blackberry Keyone and we must admit we are very impressed. These cases not only look and feel premium but also smell great too. Like a new car. The Ambition series, is made from raw grained leather specially tanned to protect against the weather and scratches, with a pigmented polymeric film to protect against sunlight discoloration. The snap on style variety we received, perfectly formed to the Keyone and blends seamlessly with the device while also offering some welcome additional grip. The Exception series, was more of a folio style offering that is characterized by a unique Nubuck suede-like leather and is beautifully soft to the touch. Albeit, a little bulky, but this thing looks stunning and offers great all- round protection.

At the end of the day, if you are going to spend over $1000 dollars on a new smartphone and place it in a protective case, that case should be as beautiful as the device itself, it aesthetically should fit like a glove and feel premium, Noreve’s cases do just that. They are not an accessory but a necessity.

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