Tetded – Premium cases for your devices

With the new device release cycle in full affect, people are rushing out to find the best case for their new obsession but only one company is focused on more than just elegant design but also want to accentuate ergonomic comfort and usability. Tetded, craft premium handmade artisan leather cases that bring sophistication and quality to the electronic accessory world.

With their experienced Research and Development team, the folks at Tetded use different types of leather with its natural beauty and unique characteristics, to shape the case around your device. With a focus on fashion, style, and luxury their cases defy the odds and not only look good, fit well in the hand but also are built to last the rigor of everyday life.

We were given the opportunity to review their premium leather folio style case for the Blackberry KEYone. The hard-shell framed case, came complete with a genuine black leather outer and quality handmade stitching really gives the case a pleasing aesthetic. As with my most folio cases, this was a standard affair with 2 card slots and magnetic clasp to keep the case securely closed.

One thing we did appreciate about their case was the obvious attention to detail. Unlike many other Chinese take-offs, this was genuine leather, you could tell from the iconic smell and soft touch. It also had a slightly padded feel which should help in the event of a fall. The card slots, too, were very secure and easy to take cards in and out of, something we consider important and is often overlooked. We also loved the soft felt material on the inner of the case, which meant we were not worried about it scratching our devices’ screen.

With many options available from cellphones to tablets, Tetded know how to make premium leather accessories that not only fit your device but also your life.

BUY your case here – TETDED Premium Leather Case for BlackBerry KEYone, Book Type DJ2 (Prestige Dark Blue)


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