Electric Road Glacier Sunglasses

Electric California have become a household name in the fashion industry when it comes to protecting your eyes, not just from those pesky UV rays, but also those other elements that adventure seekers must contend with like – wind, snow, rain, and dust. Their Road Glacier sunglasses are a testament to their ability to produce quality sunglasses that can handle whatever is thrown at them.

The Road Glacier is an exclusive design collaboration between Electric & Surfboard designer Chris Christenson. Built with a sense of modularity in mind, the frames themselves combine performance enhancing lenses with interchangeable/removable eye shields and an adjustable temple for that perfect fit.

Hand-crafted in Italy, the frame itself is an innovative double hinged system and 6 base mold injected Grilamid construction with very clever removable mesh eye shields and adjustable arm temples. The lenses themselves are OHM Polycarbonate that gives 100% UV protection and provides up to 98% Blue Light protection, something we wish we saw more from eye wear makers. The additional 10% VLT grey tint has also been added for increased clarity and depth perception while providing visual comfort.

We must say we are very impressed with the quality of Electric’s offering. The double hinged system may be nothing short of ground-breaking and the ability to move the eye shields to the bridge or the outer of the frame gives much versatility to a well-made pair of sunglasses. The lenses have also held up remarkably in our testing periods that include being exposed to debris flying very fast as we wore those on our outdoor ATV adventures and motorcycling expeditions. They also provide a great viewing experience and provide the clarity needed for everyday wear without being too dark or too light for the brightest of sun filled days.

Electric continue to build on the tradition of stylish and practical eye wear for any adventure you can throw at them. These are not fashion sunglasses just made to look good, they are made to be worn no matter where you go, no matter what the conditions.

BUY yours here – Electric Eyewear Men’s Road Glacier Matte Black/Ohm Grey Sunglasses


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