Tile Sport – Bluetooth Tracker!

Tile, has been in the Bluetooth tracking game for some time and their products have continued to evolve with our fundamental need to track those things we misplace often, like – our keys, cellphone and wallet. With a community of users, their updated sport edition tracking device wants to make loss a thing of the past!

Their devices, network and mobile seamlessly work together to help people locate their things. In fact, Tile’s global community spans 230 countries and territories and helps people locate more than 2 million unique items every day. Their latest iteration makes some worthwhile improvements to their tracking line with a more rugged waterproof design language that can now locate objects 2 times more than before within a massive 200ft range.

The improvements don’t stop there, the Tile Sport is also two times louder and their app has become more intuitive with customizable tones to personalize your item tracking. You can attach the device to any item and have it play a tone when you are trying to find it. It also works in reverse too, allowing you to use Tile to locate your cellphone (something we found ourselves using often). Within the app, you also have the power to remember the last place and time you had your item and if none of this suffice, you can also get the community of Tile users to assist in finding those things that matter most.

Tile, continues to dominate the tracking device market with intuitive products and an even better app to take away the stress of losing your most loved possessions. With the addition of waterproofing and an even broader range, the hide and seek game we play everyday with our things will soon be gone and good riddance!

BUY yours here – Tile Sport – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder (Graphite) – 1-pack


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