Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle

Walk down any sidewalk, ocean terrace or alleyway and one thing you are likely to find are used plastic water bottles, they are an unfortunate scourge on our environment. In fact, plastic water bottles can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose and what many consumers don’t realize is that the water within is usually of poor quality, despite some clever marketing. Grayl, want to change the way we drink water with their own practical and durable filtration and purification solution.

A scary fact is that most of us are never really consuming truly clean drinking water, with serious contaminants such as fracking chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even E. coli showing up in our rivers and streams. Even our own drinking water is not shy of trace amounts of arsenic and lead. With Grayl’s own ultralight water purifier bottle, you get full spectrum purification with just one press.

The bottle uses a unique water purification filter cartridge comprised of activated carbon, silver treated zeolites and patented electroadsorpotive media that creates a sub-micron trap to remove pathogens, inorganic compounds, and toxins while the silver has an antimicrobial property to keep the bottle fresh between uses. The result is water that is free of viruses, bacteria, protozoa and common heavy metals and chemicals that can be harmful to one’s health. The cartridge is even said to save more than 300 bottles of water ending up in the landfill.

One thing we really love about Grayl’s ultralight bottle is how simple it is to use. We had pure clean drinking water in just 15 seconds, and we tested this in some of the nastiest situations we could find, including a wannabe cess pool of dirty rain water that accumulated in a street pothole. How it works could also not be any easier, you simply fill the outer bottle and use the inner press to force the water through the purifier ready for drinking. It’s light weight design is also appealing for would-be hikers and world travelers alike and can conveniently clip onto any backpack with ease.

The Ultralight is perfect for trekking the globe, outdoor adventures and emergency kits and we are certain that whether you are preparing for a doomsday situation or not, everyone simply loves clean fresh water.

BUY yours here – GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ FILTER] BOTTLE (Orange)


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