Subtle – Mr. Rain Away Jacket and Umbrella

If you are fortunate enough to live in a climate that doesn’t get snow in the Winter, then chances are you need a good rain coat and umbrella to stop those blustery wet onslaughts from making it feel like you just got out of a pool. Subtle, is an urban outdoor brand that wants you to not only stay dry but look good doing it too.

Their “Mr. Rain” collection initiates city goers into a new street clothing style resistant to any weather and is designed to appeal to those seeking both style and flexibility during extreme conditions like rain, mud and even storms. Their Raincoat is a new interpretation of the very popular street jacket style with its polyester build with rubber coating coupled with double welded seams all resulting in a coat that will not only protect you from the rain but also the wind too.

The stylish cut and comfortable fit coupled with the company’s signature “AWAY” branding means that this is a fresh take on an old favorite. No longer must you stick with those plain annoying yellow eyesores, here is a new breed of raincoat that you will want to wear more than just when the weather turns sour.

The perfect accompaniment to their raincoat is the classic 42inch U1 umbrella, created from luxury Teflon coated Pongee fabric complete with an aluminum shaft, beech wood handle, laser-etched label and fabric strap sewed up with words. Available in 4 awesome colorways – camo, lava, purple and red, this will not only repel the rain but add to your style repertoire.

We have been very impressed with Subtle’s take on wet weather accessories that have long been relegated to ugly, simplistic coveralls without any class. Their raincoat and umbrella, put some life back into these products so that you can fight off mother nature and look damn fine doing it.

BUY yours here – Subtle Mr.Rain AWAY Unisex Rubberized Raincoat, Windbreaker, Rain Jacket (CRIMSON Size M)


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