St. Lynn Premium Dress Shirts

With the Holidays upon us, some of us are compelled to don the ugly festive sweater or worse yet throw on a faded pair of track pants for extra comfort following the classic post-Christmas feast. Well, how about this year, you take a page from Ron Burgundy and do things a little different by – looking good. The crew over at St. Lynn want to clothe you in something unique, stylish, and different to express who you truly are.

From vibrant colors and designs to somber yet elegant cuts to suit all occasions, St. Lynn want to make sure that you select the best dress shirt that helps you convey that you are comfortable with who you are and feel more confident when tackling what the world has to offer. Founded on the principle of Living Your Truth, one thing we really appreciated about this company was that for every purchase you make with St. Lynn, they will donate part of the profit to Mother Miracle School, providing the highest quality education, as well as nutrition and healthcare, to hundreds of the most exceptionally intelligent children from the slums of Rishikesh, India.

We were given the opportunity to try some of St. Lynn’s dress shirts and my oh my were we impressed. The 100% organic cotton was super soft and felt great against the skin, it’s wrinkle resistant and almost silk like texture felt premium. The sport shirt was a more fitted affair complete with a button-down collar and contrast inner placket that gave the shirt that added bit of flair that we loved. We also really appreciated their take on plaid with it’s spread collar and fall which sat just below the waist. It is worth noting though that most of their shirts are a slimmer fit than other offerings and unfortunately for us, we did have a few fit issues, so our advice would be to size up.

St. Lynn, have a range of offerings to suit all tastes for both men and women and if you want to style it up this Christmas instead of dressing it down, then you may want to look here, there are some high quality and classy looking options worth checking out.

See them at

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