Quiet Punch – Home Boxing Bag!

When Winter rolls around, most of us find it harder and harder to drag our sorry butts to the gym. There are winter boots to put on, hats, gloves, jackets and then not to mention fighting traffic and the elements. Yuck! What if there was a way that you could get a quality workout in the warm comfort of home that doesn’t involve some unsightly exercise machine? Now you can, Quiet punch, is the ultimate home boxing workout tool and so much more.

The Quiet Punch system is comprised of a small 4lb square punching bag that fastens to two lightweight bars that are suspended and held in place in any conventional doorway, like how you may fasten a shower rod. The two bars fit within most conventional 28″ – 36″ doorways and includes a phone clip, where you can fasten your phone to one of the bars to watch training videos within the proprietary app.

The app also accompanies your new workout by providing you with some basic metrics to indicate performance. The latest workout video routines are included as well as an intuitive built in round timer that tracks 3-minute rounds with a rest based on the skill level chosen.

After using Quiet Punch this past 3 weeks, we must admit that this is a quality home workout device. The assembly could not be easier and can be placed between any doorway in your home. What really impressed us too was the responsiveness of the bag, while we were used to using a heavy bag, this thing can still take quite the punch. We also could see this being very useful to those recovering from injury as you could even box in the seated position and would also be perfect for the elderly as it can be a great low impact workout routine.

The Quiet Punch is on sale now for $125.99 on their website and would make the perfect Christmas gift this season.

Check it out at www.quietpunch.com

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