Stream Team onD Android Box 2018

For many years now, cord cutters have been using android boxes to access the very best live streams of sports events, the latest movies and recent TV shows saving themselves hundreds of dollars each month instead of paying those greedy cable companies. However, when it comes to purchasing one of these boxes, they are a dime a dozen with many cheap low-quality options coming out of Asia. If you are serious about streaming and making the change, then there is truly only one North American made android box worth considering and that is Stream Team’s onD box.

Their updated version of their very popular android offering comes with some new and welcome additions in the 2018 variant. The first thing we must comment on is the build quality, gone is last iterations’ pebble shaped design and replaced with a more utilitarian square construct that not only looks more professional but also has a smaller overall footprint, which we prefer. We also noticed that the issues of Ethernet plugs not fitting tightly into the socket is now gone, as the build allows more room for a proper connection, something we took issue with last time.

The new onD also features a new and improved octa core processor built on the latest Android 7.1.2 software. This is coupled with a generous 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage improving overall fluidity and resulting in a snappier experience overall. Speaking of the interface, Stream Team has always offered one of the simplest and best navigation menus for new and current users offering easy access to all their favorite apps, including the latest version of Kodi and the Stream Team Market. The market being a unique option for those that want to find and download the latest streaming apps directly from Stream Team without the hassle of scouring the web.

Connectivity wise, the onD features a direct HDMI output with extreme AC Dual Band Wi-Fi, that improves stream loading times and range. There is also Ethernet support for direct connections via a cat6 cable to your modem and even Bluetooth 4.1 peripheral device support. The box also ships with a very convenient Pro Air Mouse, a 3-in-1 Remote that includes Keyboard, Mouse, and Programmable IR functions.

The real advantage of the onD android box over other options out there is the Over the Air Firmware Updates and Remote Online Support that keep your box secure while their online support with Stream Team’s own crew can help to alleviate any questions/issues you may have. Lastly, the box itself also includes an HDMI cable, something often overlooked but very much appreciated.

The adage you get what you pay for could not be truer than with Stream Team’s 2018 offering. Android boxes come in many shapes, forms, and prices but none are more reliable and offer better support than Canada’s own Stream Team.

BUY yours here – onD Pro Android TV Box (2018)


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