Silent Pocket – Passport Wallet

As many snow birds fly south and beyond to combat the Winter, your own personal security could never be more important. In the digital age of identity theft, we should be doing as much as possible to protect ourselves and nothing identifies you more than your own personal passport. Silent Pocket wants to keep you safe with their Passport wallet.

Silent Pocket is serious when it comes to protection, they carry a series of products designed to protect you from card identify fraud skimming devices. Their passport wallet variants build on this tradition by offering RFID security built in to a beautiful top grain cow leather construction.

The well built and versatile folio style wallet features convenient angled slots for your passport and or other documentation plus on the traditional variant the ability to carry some cards and cash with and some clever card slots and hidden pockets. The embedded RFID protection prevents information being wirelessly lifted from your own passports RFID chip preventing hackers from stealing your own valuable data.

For those that travel frequently, this is an invaluable tool which offers peace of mind even though many of us don’t think about it. The folio case feels premium and holds the passport in place well, we were never in fear of it slipping out, same can be said for the card slots.

At the end of the day, this is a product worth considering for the would-be traveler or those that care about their particulars falling in to the wrong hands.

BUY yours here – Silent Pocket Black Leather RFID Blocking Passport Wallet (Regular, Jet Black)


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