People Footwear – The Jasper Boot

With the unpredictable weather Winter brings to North America, a staple item needed to brave the tumultuous conditions is a good Winter boot. We stress the word good because while there are many offerings in the market, many are often heavy, clunky, and not very warm. People Footwear’s Jasper boot brings what they call “High Performance leisure” in a shoe that is supremely light, has great grip and will keep your feet toasty in the coldest of temperatures.

Based out Vancouver, Canada, People Footwear are looking to disrupt the footwear market through innovation with their signature lightweight design and focus on comfort. With everything from sneakers to sandals to boots, there is a style that can suit everyone’s needs. With temperatures hitting the -35C here in Toronto this past January, we were in desperate need of a durable but warm Winter boot and we found it in The Jasper.

People Footwear "A Film About Footwear" from People Footwear on Vimeo.

The mid-cut Jasper boot features shock-absorbing custom-molded Skylite™ with very welcome mid & out sole rubber traction pods, and a water resistant cordura nylon upper. The design is quite striking and looks like a blend of rain boot and hiking shoe. One thing that truly surprised us, even though we were told to expect it, was just how light the Jasper is. We cannot overstate this, these weigh no more than a pair of rubber sandals, but don’t let that fool you, these things are built to combat the weather.

The real test came when it was time to assess their warmth. On one day of our testing, it was in the minus double digits and we had our doubts as many other shoes have failed this test spectacularly. The Jasper is fully-lined with micro-fleece and insulated padding from top to bottom, no fancy and wordy technology going into this one, just something that was tried and true. Even more surprising than the weight of the boot was how warm they kept our feet. The Micro fleece padding did an amazing job retaining heat and to this point will remain the warmest Winter boot we have tested thus far.

We were more than impressed with The Jasper Boot by People Footwear. They have made us reassess what is important in a shoe for a cold climate. The Jasper was not only well made but supremely lightweight, ultra comfortable, and arguably the most important – warm.

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