DUN Wallets

In a world where pants are getting slimmer and pockets becoming tauter, the days of carrying around extra bulk in our pockets have come to a conclusive end. Once upon a time, our fathers used to carry leather wallets filled with cards, cash, coins, and receipts spanning a decade or more, a wallet so thick, it hit the kitchen counter with a thud. However, flash forward to 2018, the creators of the DUN Wallet, have taken aim at redesigning the modern carry all by creating the world’s slimmest wallet that manages to strike a perfect balance between a slim profile and maximum carry-ability.

At just 0.2 inches, this super slim profile and bi-fold design is a miracle of modern engineering. The 4×3 inch space this wallet takes up means that it can comfortably fit in front or back pockets with ease. The wallet has four separate card slots and a signature cash strap that can carry up to ten bills and easily conforms to the fold of the wallet many ways. One of the cards slots even doubles as a coin slot for added convenience, something we really thought was clever and did not detract from the function of the wallet at all.

The high-quality calf leather construction is also a thing of beauty with a subtle softness and reassuring resilience that it may hold up to some abuse. Another clever addition is German made RFID protective foil, so your cards are protected against digital theft (skimming), all par for the course with most modern wallets nowadays.

The DUN wallet is everything a wallet needs to be and nothing more. It’s a stylish yet functional way to carry those things that matter the most without weighing down your pocket. Cards are easily accessible, the cash strap holds the bills firmly in place and still manages to keep the wallet slim and not surprisingly, the wallet itself also looks great. We were nothing but impressed here.

If you are looking to slim down your pocket while still having all the functionality that a classic wallet can have, then you need a DUN Wallet for yourself.

BUY yours here – DUN Wallets Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet| Black/Gold

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