Vobot – The Alexa Powered Alarm Clock

In a world where everyday gadgets are getting smarter, it was about time that some life was pumped into the classic alarm clock. Vobot, is a Wi-Fi enabled stand alone device that features Amazon’s own voice assistant – Alexa – built in, offering users more functionality than just telling the time.

The Artificially Intelligent clock has an impressively small footprint at just 3×3 inches but packs quite the punch both sound and functionality wise. Complete with its own built-in rechargeable battery, it features a beautiful LED screen and a powerful 5-watt, d-class, amplified speaker. The clock itself is operated using some clever gestures: you can simply tap the top of the device to invoke Alexa, hold the screen to stop an alarm and even flip it face down to get a little more snooze time in.

Speaking of Alexa, she brings an old dog some new tricks including your own personalized sleep coach that can play some ambient noise to lull you to sleep. The ability to control other smart home connected devices and the capacity to set daily and weekly routines and reminders, perfect for those whose schedule may vary day to day. Lastly, we get the usual array of tricks from Amazon’s Alexa service including the ability to play streaming music, check weather, read the latest news, update the traffic conditions and even find the nearest restaurant; making this a truly powerful device.

After using Vobot this past month, we truly became fans of both the design and voice activated services it could bring, however, we do believe there is room for improvement. Firstly, we really wish you could invoke Alexa by voice instead of having to tap the top of the clock, this would allow a more handsfree experience for users. We also noticed that from time to time, while playing music, the speaker would often cut in and out which we attributed to a possible weak embedded Wi-Fi chip which had some trouble holding on to the signal despite it being strong. However, it is worth noting that a welcome addition was the ability to use Vobot as your own personal signal repeater or hot spot which is very cool and great for traveling.

Despite these minor criticisms, Vobot truly is the smarter alarm clock for those wanting more out of their home devices and at just $49, is well worth the investment.

BUY yours here – Vobot Smart Alarm Clock with Amazon Alexa, 5W Speaker, Voice Control, LED Display, Timer/Date/Weather/Daily News/Radio/Music(Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn etc)


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