Drifter Grooming – Products for Men!

Men can get dirty sometimes, and I don’t mean telling the odd inappropriate joke, I mean they are an oily, smelly nay scummy mess of flesh and bones that need that little extra to look good. With so many soaps, shampoos and skin products for women, men are often forgotten about and relegated to sharing vanilla strawberry explosion scented soap bars or things equally non-manly with their female counterparts. The team at Drifter want to change all that, with their line of handcrafted soaps and natural grooming products made specifically for men.

The company itself is committed to handmade and well-crafted products that will make any mans’ skin, hair, and beard feel amazing and smell incredible after every use. Drifter, too, wanted to shake things up when it came to their line of soaps, shampoos, beard washes, and shave products and made them in the only format a man really knows, the classic ‘bar’ format and we love it! With high quality and ethically sourced ingredients, Drifter have set out with a distinct focus on men-centric goods and supplies.

We were given the opportunity to try their line of grooming products and we have never looked or reportedly smelt better and it all began with their soap. With a line of 4 distinct masculine scents, we were fortunate enough to try their El Dorado whiskey soap. Inspired by muscle cars and leather jackets, El Dorado uses barrel-aged whiskey to create a one-of-a-kind blend and adds an antiseptic that works as an astringent for your skin. Created using Drifters’ own El Dorado™ hops, this welcome addition adds a good source of antioxidants to help your skin fight against free radicals and skin inflammation and with just a pinch of black sea salt, the bar has a pleasant exfoliating texture. The scent too is quite alluring, with its intoxicating blend of sandalwood and fir softened by lemongrass and infused with a crisp bite of bergamot. The scent is quite unique, and wife approved.

Their Zeus Shampoo bar is a similar affair, with a unique mix of patchouli, lavender, and sandalwood that combine to create a deep rich musk and is balanced with just a hint of jasmine. The Zeus also infuses Zeus hops to reduce dandruff; honey for shine and silkiness and cloudberry oil that loads the shampoo with fatty acids, phytoesterois and antioxidants which work wonders for your hair. I don’t know if this was dark magic, but our hair looked and felt healthier and we can confirm it did work wonders on our intern Joe’s dandruff and it was straight up snowing on there.

We also really dug their glacier shave bar and beard wash bars. We really loved seeing a shave BAR instead of foam and gel. We especially loved the shave bar’s scent with its original blend of peppermint and grapefruit combined with a pale ale base. The inclusion of Shea butter and colloidal oatmeal also left our faces feeling moisturized and rejuvenated. For those less baby faced and more lumberjack, their Warrior beard wash may be for you. With a rugged scent of cedarwood, stout, jojoba, argan oil and more, our testers beard felt noticeably softer and more palpable.

Drifter have truly created a great line of grooming products for men. Their all natural, hand-crafted approach is a welcome change in this market and the perfect addition to any man’s gym bag, travel case or dopp carry all.

Get yours at http://www.driftergrooming.com

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