Weatherman Umbrella

With the gradual warming typical of March in North America, so too comes the rain. The adage Spring showers brings May flowers may be true but getting wet by the rain still sucks and no one hates the rain more than the team at Weatherman Umbrella. Conceived by meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, their umbrella is being proclaimed as the best, ever!

So, what makes it the best umbrella? Well, a seemingly harmonious convergence of technology, engineering, and state-of-the-art design that means their take on this century old product can withstand the most extreme of weather. If that is not enough, they have also added some new tech. so that you can also track its whereabouts using Bluetooth and the exclusive Weatherman app.

With a lifetime guarantee, this must be made of titanium, right? Not exactly, however, the build is quite remarkable. With three different style variants available, we were given the opportunity to try their Stick umbrella. With its classic design, the umbrella itself is made from industrial strength fiber glass while the 44-inch-wide Teflon coated fabric repels water like no other. There is also a convenient vented canopy that allows air to flow through the top and can withstand quite strong wind blasts from Mother Nature. The rubberized handle also makes this very comfortable to hold and grip over long period of time or if you are holding on for dear life and don’t want to Marry Poppins’ yourself to the next city.

The best feature of the Weatherman umbrella is its included Bluetooth connectivity. Not only can you locate the umbrellas’ whereabouts, but the proprietary app will also notify you if there is rain coming which we thought was just awesome and it did work as advertised.

With 6 different colors available, Weatherman have brought this classic weather prevention tool into the 21st century and if you hate getting wet, this thing will make sure you always stay dry and look good doing it.

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