Manta Sleep Mask

The team at Manta Sleep are on a mission! They want to give us more control over our sleep in this crazy world we live in because let’s face it, good quality sleep is hard to come by nowadays and it makes you feel happier and healthier. Their new Sleep mask can help you get a deeply nourishing night’s sleep — and that means total darkness, complete comfort, and absolute quiet.

The Sleep Mask is unlike any other generic sleep mask on the market with its modular free-fit system that conforms perfectly to the shape of your eyes thanks to the ingenious addition of memory foam circular discs that look like retro headphone pillows but for your eyes. These too also facilitate better REM sleep as there is no pressure resting on your eyelids.

A few things we loved about the Manta Sleep Mask was firstly it’s comfortable cotton interior and tapered sides that allow total blackout regardless of sleep position. Also, the elastic stretch band ensures a secure fit for all head shapes and sizes and the welcome addition of the silicone grip pad on the back of the strap means it wont slip off your head during those crazy vivid dreams.

Lastly, the lightweight construction and use of micro Velcro means no more unwanted hair removal when you take the thing off. If that still hasn’t quite sold you the bonus earplugs and mesh carry/laundry bag mean you have the ultimate all in one tool for a great night’s sleep.

If you are serious about getting more rest and have trouble sleeping in noisy or bright environments without a little assistance, then check out the Manta Sleep Mask.

Get yours at

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