JUUL, The Smoking Alternative

Being a smoker in 2018 is tough, the social and health stigma attached to those people who smoke, often leads to dissatisfaction and investment in often sub-par alternatives like e-cigarettes. The creators of JUUL, have created the better choice when it comes to consuming tobacco with their smart, simple, and satisfying vapor experience built specially to help adults ditch the cigarette.

With it’s unique minimalist design, JUUL wants cigarette smokers to make the switch to their product by offering them simple and convenient nicotine satisfaction to meet the standards of smokers. Its patented button-less design is rechargeable via a standard USB port and simply starts working once you insert one of the flavor pods. The real draw card of a product like this is that it allows users to have a true no mess, no fuss experience by eliminating annoying ash and odor normally associated with tobacco related products.

The device is different than other vapor-based products on the market as it creates an aerosol to activate ingredients using a regulated heating element instead of using a flame to ensure consistent delivery and avoid combustion. This means that whether you inhale in short puffs or deep draws, the vapor is designed to be always at, and never above, the ideal temperature.

JUUL also offers users the ability to customise the flavour and create a more satisfying experience that is closer to that which the user may be accustomed to. There are the traditional flavours of say Virginia Tobacco or for those seeking a different experience a cool mint and even crème burlee alternative.
One thing that impressed us about the team behind JUUL was their admittance that they want to be part of the solution to end combustible smoking, not part of a problem to attract youth, never smokers, or former smokers to nicotine products.
With this is mind, they also adhere to a strict marketing code that identifies their product as being a product intended to help users switch and take a more responsible approach to their health and their future.

Our resident in training here at One Cut, used JUUL exclusively this past month and identified that while at first it is a little strange for a long time smoker, after the adjustment period he found it as a more convenient and even cost effective way to satisfy his nicotine cravings and at a very reasonable starting price of just $39.99, this could be the step you need to steer your own self away from combustible nicotine products like cigarettes and move to the smarter way to satisfy your needs with JUUL.

Get yours at http://www.juulvapor.com

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