When we think of leather belts, the word innovation does not usually come to mind, in fact it has largely remained the same design for over a century. The problem with most belts though, is that most of them aren’t authentic leather, holes often stretch, prongs are unreliable and the you-must-buy-only-the-right-size for-you is an antiquated way of thinking. Slidebelts, have improved and redefined the standard “no hole” ratchet style belt with a high quality, minimalist design that brings new purpose and function to an old classic.

The idea for Slidebelts was born when one of the founders was introduced to a different style of belt that had a tab on the buckle that ratcheted into teeth-like ridges sewn to the back of the leather strap. Like most good entrepreneurs, they collaborated and refined the form, function and buckle itself to create their own take on the automatic belt with their unique dual-ratchet design.

The Slidebelt, works by forgoing the use of holes and instead uses an array of teeth sewn into the underside of the belt strap. A tab in the buckle engages with the teeth and locks in, like how a zip tie operates. The patented frame release lever then allows the belt to easily come free when in the closed position. This not only allows for best fit, but the leather lasts longer and is less prone to stretching and tearing.

One thing we really love about the Slidebelt is that the belt itself arrives in a standard 48-inch sizing and can be cut to size for the perfect fit based on your waist. This also opens the opportunity to customise and swap out the buckle if needed. We were similarly impressed with the quality of the belt itself; the premium leather is soft yet durable and had a great soft texture that felt more expensive than it is. Additionally, if leather is not your thing they also offer canvas and even animal friendly alternatives.

Finally, there are options for both men and women and for those want-to-be Bear Grylls types out there, they even often their own “survival belt” that sports an integrated folding knife, a bottle opener, LED flashlight, and a ferrocerium fire starter rod.

Five generations of buckle and belt design have led to a product that is not only ingenious but an improved mouse trap. The team at Slidebelts took a traditional belt and simply made a better one and anytime a company manages to shake up an industry, they are always worth checking out.

BUY yours here – Top Grain Black Leather Belt with Silver Buckle


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