Bionic Bird: Furtive Drone

Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly like a bird? To soar through the sky flapping your wings to your hearts content? Literally getting a bird’s eye view of the world? Well, now you can with Bionic Bird, a unique drone that offers users the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sensory adventure: flying like a bird.

The ultra-light bird was created by Edwin Van Ruymbeke, an aeronautic engineer and is built with an indestructible foam body, replaceable carbon fiber tail and wing structure powered by a 0.8-watt electric motor and lithium ion battery. The battery is charged by ironic Egg-shaped charger, and the drone itself has a run time of approximately 10 minutes, all par for the course with this kind of product.

As far as usability is concerned, it features a 55 000 RPM rotation speed that allows the bird to reach speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour and has a fly range of up to 100m, which did impress us. Lastly, the bird is controlled by the very simplistic but effective app and mastering the art of flying did take some practice but was easy enough after a few tries.

Now, I am sure this next statement may light up our comment board, however, call us crazy, but we just didn’t get why this product existed. Don’t get us wrong, it is well built, maybe even beautiful, but unlike other drones, there is no camera, and this simply serves one purpose – to fly, like a modernized paper aeroplane. Albeit it is fun, but, we can’t help feeling that this initial reaction, overtime, will wear off and this product will find its way to a dusty drawer and never see the light of day again.

On their website, it says that “Bionic Bird also intrigues and attracts predators like hawks who won’t hesitate to attack it” and after spending some time with this product, we are saddened to say, we were kind of hoping one did, just to give this product a little excitement.

If you love flying and I am sure there are many hobbyists out there that will love this thing, it is an inexpensive way to learn what it is like to fly like a bird and if that is your motivation, then definitely check this product out. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for us.

BUY yours here – Bionic Bird Premium – Flying Robotic Bird


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