The Airhook

For those of us who are not fortunate to fly Business or First Class and prefer the luxury of confined seating, crying babies and plastic food then you are probably more familiar with “steerage class” or Economy as it is also known. One company wants to make this experience more comfortable with The Airhook, a brilliant invention than can give you what you need the most – more leg room!

You are all familiar with this story, those antiquated germ filled tray tables that slide in and out and really don’t work that well as a table or a platform for your devices and take up a lot of precious personal space. If you’re anything like me, especially during meal time, those things are more of a hindrance than a help as they just seem to be always in the way. The Airhook, to put it simply, is an all in one cup and electronic device holder that simply anchors to the tray table (using the proprietary hook) when it is in the upright position. This allows you to have more space to relax while still enjoy a drink or two and watch some Netflix.

The Airhook features a simple beverage holder that can hold an airline cup or can/bottle up to 16 ounces and a device holder, up to 8.5 inches horizontally, that will secure your electronics in place with a unique bungee cord mounting system. The best part of the Airhook though has to be the ability to adjust the angle for reclined seats therefore providing a better viewing posture, a more suitable hands-free experience and the comfort of knowing that you no longer need to sacrifice space with the folding down tray.

After using the Airhook extensively, we have come to the conclusion that this is the type of product that is so beautiful in its simplicity and function that we wished we had invented it ourselves. It works exceptionally well, feels sturdy and really does free up your space for a more comfortable travel experience, especially on long haul flights. Not only are they available in different colors but this device is a steal at its current price of just $22.

If you are serious about your travel comfort then go right now and BUY yours here – The Airhook – Beverage & Universal Device Holder for Airline Travel – Take Back Your Airline Seat Space! (Jet Black)


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