Barehand Gloves by RAWW Co.

For those who frequent the gym, you have probably heard trainers and ‘wanna-be’ muscle heads drone on about the importance of grip when it comes to lifting. Well, they are not wrong! In fact, the strength of one’s grip plays a key role in injury prevention and overall strength development and the team at RAWW Co. want to help you better reach your goals faster with their minimalist Barehand gloves.

Describing themselves as innovators, movers-and-shakers and change-makers focused on all pillars of life – health, wealth, and relationships to make more unselfish humans, their Barehand gloves seek to give users a different approach to their fitness regimen by providing a close to bare hand experience that builds grip by increasing the contraction of the hand.

Crafted form their patented two layer Skintexture material weighing only 7 grams and 1.35mm thick, the half glove wraps comfortably around the knuckles and mid-hand section normally associated with control and grip. The breathable material reduces the temperature caused by friction between your hand and the bar which eventually can weaken the grip overall and can also aid in recovery.

The ability for the glove to provide a better skin to bar ratio, also allows you to contract each muscle in your forearms with maximum intensity as there is more flexibility in the movement of the hand. Additionally, the glove offers users a custom fit grip on pushing movements due to the roll-able palm construction.

We have been using the Barehand gloves for about a month now on our usual training regime that involved lifting 2-3 times a week. We will say that there is a slight adjustment period as the gloves literally look like they shrunk in the dryer, so expect some strange looks. It is worth mentioning that these are noticeably more snug than other gym gloves, primarily to give you that closer to bar feeling, however, as far as function goes, these do work very well. We were particularly impressed with grip these offer when holding bars, dumbbells and the like and found ourselves able to push out some extra reps with less fatigue. Our only suggestion going forward would be to offer the gloves in different colorways as the heron blue wasn’t to our taste.

Sp, if you are seeking better grip, flexibility and intensity in your next workout, then it should start with your hands.

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