Belkin Mobile Accessories

Belkin, are experts when it comes to designing products and accessories in our connected world. For over 20 years, they have been driven by the desire to help people realize the power of technology, make lives better and are renowned for their products’ ingenuity and ease of use. Today, Belkin has also taken under its wing sister companies Linksys and WeMo to enhance the technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love. Recently, we were given the opportunity to trial three of their latest Apple specific products.

First was the BOOST↑UP™ Universal Car Charger with Lightning Cable. Let’s face it, the more and more smartphone technology advances, the more power they consume and we constantly find ourselves wanting to top up our devices quickly while on the movie. Belkin’s Boost Up range is about the convenience of a quick charge and this bad boy features a massive 17 Watt/3.4 Amp output which charges 40% faster than the standard Apple charging brick. We are big fans of its small footprint and flexible cable. It also worth noting that the charger also features a standard USB 2.0 port as well, so you can charge your idevice and whatever else simultaneously, we love that.

For those that want the power of a quick charge at home, there is also the BOOST↑UP™ Home Charger with Lightning to USB ChargeSync Cable. This home charger with USB port allows you to use the very generous 4′ Lightning to USB Cable included or whatever lightning cable you wish and charge your device at a very quick 12 Watt/2.4 Amp output. This means, you can plug your iPad Air or iPad 4th generation tablet into the Belkin BOOST↑UP™ Home Charger and go from 0 to 100% battery in just 6.2 hours, compared to 10.3 hours with a regular 5-Watt charger. This thing is so smart ad efficient that its intelligent circuitry with built-in voltage sensing detects and responds your device’s power needs and if that doesn’t satisfy you it is backed by a $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty. If your phone, tablet or other electronic device is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to this charger, Belkin will repair or replace it, up to $2,500

Now, what about taking your new iPad to a whole new level of productivity? They can help with that too! Their QODE™ Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case for iPad 9.7” 6th Generation (2018) is a fully protective case that features a premium aluminum keyboard with well-spaced keys and delivers an enhanced typing experience and advanced power management features to give optimal battery life. In fact, with its smart sensing auto on/off functionality, the case offers a massive 6 months of battery life (based on fully charged keyboard used 2 hours per day) and full access to all your ports. We didn’t realize how easy it could be to turn your iPad into a fully-fledged laptop when the accessories itself are designed so well, this truly is a testament to Belkin’s design principles.

All of Belkin’s offerings from cables to their WeMo home automation devices demonstrate a strong understanding in their consumer base. Their consumers want quality products that are well designed, simple to use and do what they are supposed to and do it well. These Apple accessories are just some of the great offerings from a veteran in the business.

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