With over 50 million people in the United States alone suffering from sleep disorders, it is no surprise that sleep is a top priority in most peoples’ lives. Sadly, we simply do not get enough deep sleep to truly feel rejuvenated for the next day. SleepBliss, is on a mission to restore sleep in everybody’s lives with their 100% non-invasive sleep aid crystal ball which is designed to help individuals get a deep sleep in the most natural way possible.

Invented by Dr. Krishnamurthy Kannan, a Frequency Research Specialist and a Longevity Strategist, SleepBliss is truly one of those products that we were initially skeptical about. It basically looks like a small clear marble you would have played with as a kid but what is inside this crystal is what makes this really special. Using their proprietary Frequency Embedding Technology, the creators impregnated a 3.4Hz deep sleep frequency in the crystal ball which acts as a medium to store and emit the Delta Wave Frequency, just like a magnet stores and emits its magnetism. You simply then place the ball under your pillow or in your pillowcase for at least five consecutive nights and it will actually tune your brainwaves to that of the Delta Wave Frequency and initiate deep sleep.

Now, I’m going to take a moment here and admit that I fully thought that from the onset of our review period that this was going to be a bunch of baloney and that a company was just having a laugh and making a quick buck while doing it. My wife even laughed out loud when I told her what I was doing but there really is something to this. In fact, Delta brainwaves are considered the most relaxing brainwave frequency range and is associated with empathy, the unconscious mind, and a decreased sense of awareness. To put simply, Science would have us believe that you can reach a state of extreme relaxation and perhaps even deep sleep if you are exposed to the right frequency.

To sum up, my conclusion on SleepBliss is this – I am a regular consumer like most of our readers who does in fact suffer from insomnia from time to time but I was open to trying such a product if it meant I could achieve a better nights’ sleep. I have been using the product now for almost 2 months and whatever Voodoo magic went into the development of this product does unequivocally work! I have never felt as rested or have slept better. It is worth mentioning that I also fall asleep faster than before and even if I go to bed later than usual, I find myself still feeling rested.

The team at SleepBliss have a product on their hands that could in fact change many peoples’ lives. As always, it may not work for everyone but we were as big a skeptic as others and for us it has worked brilliantly.

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