The Ace by Douchebags

With the simple philosophy – to make better journeys through smarter travel gear – Douchebags, have once again set their sights on the travel accessory industry with their chic and modern backpack for the city commuter, The Ace, brings some welcome storage space and sexy design aesthetic to the market.

Creators Swedish Freeski legend Jon Olsson and the Norwegian product designer Truls Brataas, wanted to make taking those long journeys easier and more efficient and this attitude towards their product could not be more realized than for the urban warrior, as they make their ways across busy cities, to and from business meetings and that long commute home.

The Ace, is comprised of durable PU Leather with TC backing with a luxurious 200D Polyester lining and is a very comfortable 20×13 inch size, which translates to excellent space in a small form factor. In fact, it has a total volume of about 36L and can fit most of your worldly daily possessions like laptop, books and other necessities with ease. One thing we loved about the design is that this truly looks like a plus $300 backpack, it is quite striking and punches above its weight in visual; appeal.

Travel with Ace – Douchebags from Anaya Films on Vimeo.

As far as functionality is concerned, the backpack features an epic 7 zippered compartments including space for a 15 inch laptop, and a main compartment fit for a small to medium camera unit. One thing we loved was the very clever easy access compartment that sits at the top of the bag, perfect for external batteries/cables, cellphones, headphones and more.

At the opposite end of The Ace is a wire lock in the bottom of the bag that allows you to secure your backpack to any solid object using a padlock without fear of it being taken from under your nose. In fact, another welcome security measure is a safety zipper pocket in the back of the bag, which is perfect for keys, passports and the items you would not want visible to others.

After using The Ace these past few months, it has easily replaced our old traveling bag and has become our go to when we are on the move. The outer construction has held up very well and even has some waterproofing qualities thanks to the PU build. The bag also has ample room for all your needs but more importantly, it is suave enough to be taken to and from important meetings without people glaring at you. To put it simply, this is the backpack for the modern businessman or woman who doesn’t want to carry a briefcase.

Get yours at

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