Victorinox Swiss Army Spectra 2.0 Luggage set

As Summer holiday plans start to materialize, one thing you can’t do without when travelling is a premium luggage set. I’m not talking about the same suitcase your parents used when they immigrated to Canada, I’m talking about one that doesn’t just look stylish and is well built but more importantly it must function well too! The Spectra line of luggage from Victorinox Swiss Army, features all the modern-day conveniences one would need in their suitcase and carry on making traveling a much more comfortable experience.

For more than a century, Victorinox has been known for their iconic design backed by quality, function, and innovation. When it comes to their luggage, they take this philosophy very seriously, ensuring that their products meet the highest quality standards with their design partners being chosen carefully and standards of quality being stringently enforced. It is because of their commitment to making quality products that they also promote sustainability – should something damage on your luggage, they will repair it wherever possible, thus avoiding the waste of more raw materials. Their Spectra line of luggage options for consumers, builds on this tradition with two offerings that are well worth your attention – The Spectra 2.0 Expandable Large Case and Frequent Flyer carry on.

The Expandable Large Case is a 30-inch, 8 wheeled front access case that is constructed from sturdy poly-carbonate and has a massive 77 L capacity. Weighing in at a feather light 11 pounds, its front zippered door features unique stabilizing straps for easy top-load packing but the real winner here is its ability to expand a massive 45% thanks to its proprietary Hypalon exterior compression straps that are used to adjust the case to multiple sizes. After using the Spectra 2.0 Large case as our go to on recent business trips, we do feel that, somewhat ironically, this is the Swiss Army Knife of suitcases. It is deceptively compact but can carry quite the load without being cumbersome, something we can’t say about other luggage we have tried recently. The 4-double wheel design, also means that this was a dream to glide around airports and duck in and out between weary travelers, this is often overlooked but is a very important feature.

Coupled with the Expandable Large case is another brilliant piece of engineering, it’s their companion Frequent Flyer carry on. This similar hard side virgin poly-carbonate, 42 L baby brother features the brilliant 8-wheel construction but still meets most global carry-on regulations. The 6.6-pound weight strikes the perfect balance of form vs function and has the perfect 3 stop adjustable handle for zipping between gates. Best of all is that the case features extra protection thanks to Swiss Army’s own bag tracking program and combination recovery, which means your bags will never truly be locked out or lost.

With Victorinox’s 10+1-year warranty, your luggage is covered and guaranteed against manufacturing defects, normal wear and tear, airline handling and transit damage (conditions apply) for over a decade and because of that, you can be reassured these are built to last. Therefore, the Spectra 2.0 luggage set is our One Cut Reviews’ Product of the Month.

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