Two friends are on a mission to make – an often-neglected daily routine – fun, motivating and rewarding with their take on a classic dental hygiene product. Enter: Cocofloss, the softest and most-cleansing dental floss on the market.
With the simple philosophy that – teeth are for life and that flossing can be fun – Cu sisters, Chrystle and Cat, the creators of Cocofloss, want you to love your smile again with their line of super soft and flavored dental floss.

Now this isn’t your run of the mill mint flavoring you are so used to, Cocofloss wants to shake things up with some flavors that not only smell great but leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. With offerings such as coconut, strawberry, orange and yes mint, their soft and textured dental floss is made from 500+ Polyester filaments that gently scrub the plaque away. The Vegan wax coating and infusion of coconut oil also soothes gums and makes flossing a very smooth process.

So, what makes this floss different? Well not only is it strong and glides between your teeth it is also cruelty, vegan, gluten and paraben free and soothes and whitens your teeth all the while leaving your mouth with a clean fresh scent. The creators even promise a positive experience or you get your money back.

One thing we really love is the packaging of Cocofloss, it is bright, colorful and easy to find in a dark toiletries bag. The floss also feels sturdy like it won’t break between your fingers but it is worth mentioning that is a little thicker than conventional floss which could be bothersome for those that have tighter spaces between their teeth. The floss itself though is very smooth to the touch and does in fact move a lot easier between teeth than anything else we have tried before which means less painful gum bleeds.

The team at Cocofloss have invented the epitome of a better mouse trap and we love it! They took a product that hasn’t had much in the way of innovation this past 50 years and made a better version of it. It feels, looks and tastes better, in our books, they have a definite winner on their hands.

BUY yours here – Cocofloss 3-Pack (Mint)


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