LucidCam – 180 Degree VR Camera

Sometimes when you travel, a photo does not truly capture the aesthetic beauty of where you are. Video, too, has its limitations. However, the folks at LucidCam have a solution, they want to bring to their consumers a whole new way to experience your most fondest memories with a World First uniquely immersive 180 degree Virtual Reality Camera.

The LucidCam is essentially a WiFi enabled photo and video capturing device that fits in the palm of your hand, but unlike our mobile devices, has a 180 degree field of view allowing you to capture a true 3D experience to both photo and videos that is simply unparalleled. Coupled this with the ability to record in super high resolution 4k video with stereo audio and LucidCam’s own free VR application and required headset, users can relive and share their recorded experiences in true AR.

One thing we really love about LucidCam is its ability to be mounted like any traditional DSLR which adds GoPro like functionality at half the price, not to mention the plethora of additional mounting capabilities through the LucidCam store and with the added ability to store memories via the included Micro SD card slot, makes this a truly versatile capturing device. The included Micro HDMI output too, makes this great for sharing, especially if you have a 4K television which makes your footage look crispy.

LucidCam is a great, affordable option for anyone looking for the ability to capture their life from a first person perspective. This is especially the case for bloggers, potential YouTube stars and even those that just want to feel like they have been transported back to that special moment one more time. Our only wish was that the battery life (while decent) was a little better, especially for longer adventures and that a VR headset came included in the retail packaging.

BUY your LucidCam here – LucidCam: World’s First True Virtual Reality 3D 4K Camera Captures Life from Your Perspective


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