Earth Wood Sunglasses

When was the last time you purchased a product because it went against the norm? Something that was unique, different and spoke to you and your individuality? Crafted from natural wood, Earth Wood sunglasses, want you to try their organic take on everyday eyewear with their wood sunglasses.

What makes Earth Wood sunglasses different to anything else on the market is first and foremost their construction with their frames being made out of strong and reliable rosewood or bamboo each with own unique grain and properties.

Secondly is the lens, all of their sunglasses feature Polarized lenses using a multi layered Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) polarized process which eliminates glare and UV light, in fact their lenses are rated with a UV400 protective rating. This multilayer treatment also makes the lenses themselves shock-proof and increases toughness and impact resistance thus preventing lens scratches.

One thing we also love about Earth Wood’s sunglasses is their attention to detail on the hinges. As they explain, the hinge is often overlooked but all of their sunglasses are built from quality stainless steel and feature either the classic barrel hinge or flex hinge offering more than 90 degrees of traditional movement which can also withstand even greater abuse from the wearer.

After wearing their Tide model sunglasses this past month, we have received many compliments on the unique aesthetic they bring. They definitely are different than the traditional black acetate framed glasses of old and this is not a bad thing. The frame feels reassuringly robust, the lenses don’t scratch easily and the hinge seems to have good longevity but most importantly they protect your eyes from the sun and look good doing it.

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