Airfree Onix 3000 Air Purifier

Anyone with seasonal allergies will tell you the importance of fresh, clean air and what happens when you don’t have it. In fact, 35 million Americans suffer from upper respiratory tract symptoms that are allergic reactions to airborne allergens. As a result, one company – Airfree – are on a mission to make the air in your home better to breathe by destroying these air borne irritants using heat.

Their Onix 3000 is Airfree’s premium air purifier designed for use in the home. Designed for rooms up to a massive 650 sq ft this whisper silent model features their patented patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology which traps microorganisms and essentially bakes them away at an approximate 200 degree temperature while pumping out cool clean air. This effectively eliminates mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dander, tobacco and other organic allergens.

A real selling point of the Onix is the fact that it is completely filterless and requires no maintenance. We are big fans of its small and compact design and the all black design motif makes this easily concealed on bookshelf’s or cupboards.

The creators of Airfree are so confident in their air filters that they even demonstrate their exceptional ability by using the “strawberry test”. Which essentially eliminates mold from a room and therefore preserving the shelf life of your perishables, in this case a strawberry.

After using the Onix 3000, we are confident that its claims to be a superior domestic air filtration system are accurate. Our team of testers felt that their various symptoms such as allergies to pollen, dust and the like were significantly reduced with most saying they would definitely purchase this system as a way to improve their quality of life.

The Onix 3000 is available now. BUY yours here – AirFree Onix3000 Air Purifier, Small, Black


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