Smartbatz – Power your smartphone!

Anyone that owns an iPhone will tell you that battery life is slightly above average or put another way – simply not good and not bad However, on the busiest of days, when we use our devices for navigation, streaming music and networking we often find ourselves searching for a power outlet or worse, will throw our phone into some big, bulky battery case that turns that sleek glassy thing of beauty into a bludgeoning device. Smartbatz, want you to rethink the way we give our devices some extra power with their powerbase.

SmartBatz’s philosophy is simple – to make charging your phone a stylish and worry-free experience. They want to provide their users with access to energy everywhere, every time and with their powerbase, they are not just giving one person that extra go juice they need, they have incorporated 3 portable batteries into a singular charging station, so that anyone can enjoy wireless charging at home and away.

The unit itself is comprised of three 3,000mAh batteries, essentially 1.5-2 times extra charge for most standard iPhones or to put it another way, each battery provides an extra 60 hours audio, 17 hours 3G talk time, 13 hours video, 12 hours web browsing or 3 hours 3D gaming to your phone (based on an iPhone 8). Each battery is also CE, CEM, ROHS tests certified providing unmatched capacity, efficiency and build quality.

Introducing SmartBatz PowerBase from SmartBatz PowerBase on Vimeo.

The powerbase lightning version that we tried was specifically for Apple devices and features an Apple MFi certified lightning adapter. To use the battery, you simply slide your phone down the length of the battery and securely fasten it to the lightning adapter at the bottom and push the power button. A real design highlight of the battery is that the head of the lightning adapter can be maneuvered back and forth, allowing the phone to be charged even if you have a case on the phone. For those Android users, there is also a micro-usb version as well.

Once the battery is depleted, you simply place it back on the powerbase that is equipped with magnetic pins that will smoothly capture your batteries. Another thing we really liked was the incredible swift charging time of just 40 minutes per battery. We will say that the real strength of a system like this lies within the business sector, where companies or perhaps restaurants rely on devices to complete their day to day activities and can’t have any downtime to charge. You simply pick up a battery when you need it and charge it when you don’t. It’s very convenient!

Smartbatz, have somehow managed to make an external battery for the iPhone look svelte and even sexy. It could not be easier to pick one up, attach it to your phone and go. For the past 3 months, they have been powering our office devices and we could not be happier with the build, convenience and quality of the battery and base. This is perfect for households with power hungry teens or even in the private sector to power your workers devices.

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