Ezviz Mini Trooper

Installing security cameras around the home is often a daunting experience and accompanied by a somewhat challenging install, a mix of wires; configuration challenges and most importantly a serious investment in your time. The folks at Ezviz, want to make this process easier and be the first line of defense for your home with their Mini Trooper, a rugged weatherproof HD security camera that has absolutely no wires!

Ezviz, are no rookies in the home security game, offering many wired and wireless options with the simple philosophy that you should always be able to feel at home in the palm of your hand. Their Mini Trooper is a completely wireless Wi-Fi enabled camera that has an impressive 9-month battery life and is IP65 rated, meaning it is weatherproof and ready for the outdoors. The camera also features on board local storage via microSD card up to 128Gb which means you don’t have to pay exuberant cloud storage fees to access and store your recordings.

The Trooper also has some impressive picture quality with its 115-degree wide angle lens, stereo sound recording and even night vision. This is thanks in part to Ezviz’s own patent pending High Dynamic Algorithm (HDα) which uses predictive encoding to capture moving subjects with more clarity, as well as, extended bitrate modulation and digital noise suppression technology that means the resulting picture is crystal clear even in pitch black. We were very impressed by just how well it captured video in all conditions.

The real beauty in the Trooper though comes in the form of Ezviz’s own very intuitive app for iOS and Android. Not only can you set the camera to detect motion and promptly start recording, you can also instantly be notified of events, you can view them live and even review your recorded history with a simple click of a button. Again, the reliability of the alerts is impressive and connecting to the camera even remotely was flawless and could not have been easier.

Ezviz, continues to offer its consumers high quality home security options that don’t break the bank. They are rugged, reliable and just make sense and in today’s connected world, that speaks measures.

BUY yours here – EZVIZ Mini Trooper Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System with 8GB MicroSD Card, Works with Alexa

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