Motiv Ring

There is one fundamental flaw when it comes to fitness trackers – they’re cumbersome to wear. They are normally quite large, normally worn on the wrist and can hinder wrist movement in any kind of fitness activity that is not running or cycling. Then there is the concern over remembering to charge the device and even protecting the often-delicate screen from damage (we are looking at you Apple and Fitbit). What if there was a way for you to track the most important aspects of your health in a sleek, unobtrusive and dare I say non-chauvinistic way? Now there is, the Motiv Ring, is a fitness, sleep and heart rate tracker that can do all these things all from your desired ring finger.

The Motiv Ring is a stylish fitness tracker all wrapped up in a beautifully designed titanium ring. To get started, the company sends you a very simple sizing kit of 10 plastic rings, you then find your size and place the order. The ring comes in two color variants, rose gold and slate gray and both look stunning. At less than 0.1 inches thick, the ring is fully waterproof up to 165 feet (5 ATMs) and makes this it a very versatile option for all athletic pursuits. The ring also features an impressive 3-day battery life for such a small device and included in the package is an ultra slim USB charging dock that can charge the ring very quickly in just 90 minutes.


The real power of the Motiv Ring though is not just the design, but the technology they have managed to squeeze into such a lithe device. The ring features a 3-axis accelerometer and heart rate tracker that work in unison with their proprietary app to collect data on the users Active Minutes; Resting Heart rate; Activity Types; Calories Burned; Activity Intensity; Steps; Sleep Duration and Distance and we were seriously impressed with its accuracy. The heart rate sensor is among one of the best we have seen in a device such as this and can regularly monitor your heart rate right from your finger, which Motiv tells us is more accurate as there is less obstruction between the sensor (hair) and your skin.

A definite highlight for us is how you sync the device. In a world of smartwatches that are always sending data to and from the app, it tends to drain the battery on the device and its paired phone quite quickly. Motiv takes a different, perhaps even, a better approach by allowing the user to determine when they want to sync the data with the app. You can still use Motiv’s latest Bluetooth technology and sync with your phone periodically in the background with minimal impact on both your phone’s and the ring’s battery. However, if you’d like to sync on-demand, then you just rotate the ring around your finger a few times, and pertinent data is transmitted. Another welcome feature of the Motiv is free app and wireless over the air updates for the ring which bring even more functionality and new features.


There is a lot to like with the Motiv Ring, after wearing it this past month, I almost forget it’s there. It is very comfortable and fits better with my daily exercise routine than any other fitness tracker before it. The app is brilliantly simple to use and provides some excellent metrics for our activity and sleep and the battery life has held up well. Our only recommendation moving forward would be that it is somewhat easy to scratch up that titanium surface but like a battle scar, it speaks of the hard work you put in but could perhaps use a tougher exterior on the next iteration.

We will not sugar coat it, the Motiv Ring is the best fitness tracker for those who hate fitness trackers. It is stunning to look at, accurate to the letter and gives users the power over their fitness data and for that reason it is our One Cut Product of the Month for September.

BUY yours here – Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker – Waterproof Activity and HR Monitor – Calorie and Step Counter – Pedometer


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