Atlas Wearables’ Shape

With so many fitness trackers on the market, it is easy for your head to start spinning when trying to choose the right one. While they all provide some detailed metrics on your health and wellness, those just starting out can be overwhelmed by the data and whether or not they are truly seeing the results they need. Shape by Atlas Wearables, want you to rethink your fitness goals with their total fitness tracker and personal audio coach.

Shape features an ergonomic curved design that sits comfortably on the wrist and is waterproof up to 1 meter. It also packs an impressively bright display for indoor/outdoor use, and an accurate wrist-based heart-rate monitor. Battery life is also quite good and should get you through a regular work week with ease. Out of the box, a real highlight of Shape is its ability to provide users with essentially their very own digital personal fitness coach. You simply download the app, select your desired workout and Shape will do the rest. Shape actually speaks to you, helping you improve your form and pushing your intensity.


Setup, too, could not have been easier, after establishing a profile about you, you simply put on your headphones and follow one of the many guided workouts available. The tracker will not only count your reps and track your heart-rate it monitors your progress automatically too. The high energy workout classes are quite fun and get even better with the motivation of a “trainer”, which is perfect for novice gym goers or home workout enthusiasts.

Par for the course with similar products in this space, Shape also monitors daily activity, sleep, and can even alert you of inactivity. Something that is also quite unique to this device, is that it even logs day and night calorie burn which helps you understand what’s working and how your training affects the future you. With Atlas’ own Motion Tracking machine learning system, Shape leverages Motion Tracking to automatically track your workouts. It recognizes your specific exercise, counts reps, generates metrics, and logs when you rest. This is paired with Atlas’ own CoachAI that will adjust your training plan every 4 weeks to maximize your progress.


After using Shape these past 2 months, we have been impressed with the units ability to track our workouts and overall health. It has held up well to the usual wear and tear of cardio and strength training, which is nice to see and the audio workouts are very unique and we like that they don’t sound robotic, it sounds human and truly feels like a trainer is right there with you during your workouts. For these reasons, we Atlas Wearables’ Shape is a truly unique fitness tracker worth checking out.

BUY yours here – Atlas Wearables Shape, the original fitness tracker and personal coaching assistant designed to help you hit your goals, smash through plateaus and tracks your progress along the way (Red)


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