HICKIES – no tie shoelaces

I come from the school of tie once and forget about it, this is especially true when slipping on my shoes as I hurriedly bust out the door. The problem is, I am constantly jamming my size 13 foot into the small opening at the top of the shoe while the laces remain fixed. Given some time, this forceful entry will start to damage the shoe as there is little give in cotton laces. HICKIES, want to revolutionize the shoelace industry with their new era of lacing system that turns any shoe into a convenient slip on.

The HICKIES Lacing System is the only alternative shoe lacing system that is modular by design and allows customization to every individual foot and shoe. The 116mm long strap is simply fed through the eyelets of any conventional shoe from leather to flywire and is made from a durable thermoplastic elastomer. The strap then finishes in a loop and is secured when fed into the closure design, allowing the user to slip their foot into their shoe, while the lace stretches and then snaps back for a comfortable fit that offers flexibility but more importantly durability. The one size, adjustable strap is sold in a pack of 14 or enough to secure a single pair of shoes.

A real highlight for us is the ability to lace your shoes with HICKIES in a variety of different ways to get a custom fit that best suits you. Their lacing cheat sheet, offers users suggestions on how to achieve the best overall fit by experimenting with different lacing combinations and angles. This makes the product versatile and suitable for all ages and we can really see this being a great choice for the young and the elderly.

After using HICKIES exclusively these past few months, this truly is a one-and-done lacing system. After installing them on my go to walking shoes, you find it is just easier then laces, you are always ready to just slip on your shoes and go and still get that perfect fit every time without constant readjustment. Now, before you dismiss us as being lazy, the team at HICKIES have simply designed a “better mouse trap” and there is nothing wrong with that in our books, innovation is the name of the game and if it saves consumers a few extra minutes of time in their day, we are willing to take the tradeoff.

With some big celebrity endorsements, HICKIES is taking the shoe world by storm one lace at a time and you should to.

BUY yours here – New One-Size Fits All HICKIES 2.0 Performance No-Tie Elastic Laces – Black (14 HICKIES Shoelaces, Works in all shoes)


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