Wraps Headphones

What happens when fashion meets function? Well, Wraps Headphones are born, that’s what. The Anti-tangle solution to one of the most commonly misplaced items wants you to wear your headphones on your wrist. However, so you don’t look like a crazy person, they have made them stylish and functional too.

The UK based company have been innovating in the headphone space for 20 years. In fact, their design philosophy is quite brilliant – take three of the most profitable industries: fashion, bracelets and wearable tech. and combine them to make a whole new space that they can dominate and thus the wristband headphones were born.


Functionally, these are not like conventional headphones, they come in a range of different styles and colors and are long enough to wrap around your wrist three to four times. Their proprietary slider pulls the wires together and connects the heads and jack plug, so they can be fastened into a convenient bracelet for men or women. We should note here, that there is a small learning curve on how to wrap these, but after a few tries you will be a pro.

Surprisingly, these are also some fine sounding phones for such a reasonable price. Their basic 10mm dynamic speaker driver benchmarked at a £30 industry standard produces some impressive sound that is helped in part by a 20Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response, 80dB/1mW Sensitivity and 16 Ohms Impedance. We also love that there is a premium gold plated 3.5mm headphone jack and adjustable sizes for the silicone tips to suit all ears.

We really love the idea behind Wraps Headphones, but we should address the elephant in the room…with so many people using their smartphone to listen to music nowadays, who has need for this product in the wireless apocalypse and demise of the headphone jack era? Most smartphones made after 2016 no longer have a jack and are forcing their customers to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music or worse yet, their proprietary dongle. Perhaps a wireless option tethered to some nylon soon? We hope so, because conceptually these are great. Wraps have also recently made headway into the charging cable space, turning your charging cables into fashionable bracelets, this is a better trajectory…for now (cough wireless charging).


Wraps Headphones are a clever idea and a great stocking stuffer this coming festive season. If you are constantly losing or fighting the battle of the tangle in your purse or gym bag, then they are worth checking out.

BUY yours at Wraps WRAPSCBLK-V15M Wristband Headphone, Fabric Black


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