In case you missed it…

We review A LOT of products here at One Cut and sometimes the ones we really love can go under our readers radar and go unnoticed. So, we thought we would remind you about some great products that we featured this past year, that a worth a second look.

Phat Scooters


With the simplicity of the daily commute in mind, Phat Scooters are a smart choice for those who want to have more fun and less headaches on the road. Their modern take on the classic scooter comes in the form of a completely silent, fully electric beast on two wheels. Their original and sport models offer two different ways to improve your drive – no more paying for gas and the freedom to park wherever you damn please.

Their scooters feature a powerful 1200-watt motor with a top speed of 20 miles per hour plus three unique drive modes – a beach mode (8 mph) Golf mode (13mph) and Bike mode (20mph) – the top speed of the scooter which offers a zippy cruise around main roads and up hills without holding up traffic.
Also, of note is the premium EABS hydraulic brakes, brilliant “phat” 18-inch tubeless tires and a 1-piece welded handlebar assembly for better control and safety. The 72V battery also allows users to the convenience of a driving range of approximately 30-50 miles on a single charge.

This ecofriendly transportation alternative is not only fun to ride and zip around town on, but it also makes you look like a bad-ass on the road and we love that! Phat Scooters also allows buyers to customize their ride with deck graphics, custom fenders and even LED under lighting!

Mugsy Jeans


For many men, the go to denim jean of choice is the straight leg or standard fit. A boxy, non-flattering affair that only looks good a few times and then stretch out and lose any resemblance of shape. Then, there was the invention of the skinny jean, a tight, crotch hugging and damn right uncomfortable take on making us look like we are wearing leggings – no thanks! Mugsy Jeans, have make the perfect pair of denim for men, with their slim, clean, and stylish fit that leaves room for the twig and berries and more importantly is supremely comfortable!

With our favorites, their – Studio Blues, these super dark monochromatic blue jeans are incredibly soft and made from Mugsy’s own proprietary flexible denim that feels as good as it looks. We also really dig their Fulton’s, were a similar affair but with some natural fading and whiskering that give them a more classic worn denim look that was attractive and fit great.

They have also recently added the perfect smart and casual chino to their lineup. We are particularly fond of their Belmont’s, a classic medium khaki colored affair made from breathable high stretch fabric that gives exceptional movability but most importantly are very versatile and can be worn to the office or a night on the town. They truly look great!

We can’t oversell this, you won’t find a more comfortable pair of pants than Mugsy Jeans. Try them yourself.



Billed as the ultimate drinkable super meal, Ambronite is a combination of berries, nuts, seeds and greens that are dried, milled and portioned to give you an on the go meal that provides up to 5 hours of sustained energy and is nutritionally balanced.

Due to real food being included in their packages, it means you are also getting all the essential nutrients needed for normal daily functioning. As Ambronite claims – the 18 real foods and all 40+ nutrients in one Drinkable Super meal™ smoothie mix are designed to make you thrive. No more stale left overs or 7-11 bought sandwiches for lunch.

The best thing about Ambronite is its ease, a full meal ready in just 60 seconds and with just 500 calories with 30g protein you will feel fuller for longer – quenching that hunger of yours. It also tastes really good!



Chipolo, has come up with a brilliant way to reinvent the tracking tag. Their offering allows 2-way tracking using their app, users simply attach, stick or drop the Chipolo inside everyday items and find them in seconds.

With a 200ft Bluetooth range, you can track your items and even have the tag itself emit a sound for a quicker discovery. A cool little feature is the ability to simply shake the tag and have it contact your phone through the app and make your phone ring (even if on silent) to identify its location. The Chipolo app also automatically logs and records the last time and place it saw your item.

For those that have a tendency, like myself, to misplace your wallet…you also need to check out their latest offering the Chipolo Wallet. This water resistant and voice-controlled card like tracking chip slides into a card slot in your wallet and relays location data always. The svelte design is inconspicuous and has reassuring yearlong battery life!

Their products are worth checking out and make a great gift for the hubby, because as they say – what you allow, is what will continue!


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