Best iPhone Fast Chargers Money Can Buy!

A recent publication at Technology website 9to5mac entitled “iPhone battery life getting worse – a trend likely to continue…” on November 3rd highlighted one of the fundamental flaws in smartphones today – poor battery life, and unfortunately, the iPhone with its plus $1000 price tag is no exception. Even the iPhone XS Max barely scrapes by with 10 hours of mixed usage. While we could argue that a fast charger in the box might help (Apple take note) there are also many factors at play here such as cellular connectivity, GPS, screen brightness, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi usage to name a few. However, one fundamental truth remains: we live or die by the power we have. These three offerings, want to make it easier for you to quickly recharge your iPhone and keep you productive longer.

Blitzwolf® BW-WP1 10000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank


Blitzwolf, may be a relatively new name in this space but what they bring to the table is quite remarkable. With a focus on iconic ergonomic design, incomparable price and high performance, their Wireless Charger Power Bank brings the best of both worlds to iPhone users.

Essentially, this is a powerbank with a built in 15 watt fast wireless charger providing a portable solution for those road warriors who need multiple charges for some of their most power hungry devices.

The Qi-enabled device supports wireless inductive charging and both a type C Output——Up to 5V/2.7A, USB Output—Up to 5V/2.7A and Wireless Output—Up to 5V/1A.

A great feature of the Blitzwolf power bank is its ability to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously (1 wirelessly and 2 wired) and it even has inbuilt short circuit and overcharge protection to keep your device battery health at optimum standards.

The 10,000 mAh capacity is enough to charge your iPhone 3-4 times and iPad 1-2 times before giving up and the reassuring 18 month warranty, makes this a versatile and cost effective option to power up.

Nomad Base Station


For those seeking a classy at home or office solution to charge your devices then Nomad has you covered.

Built on the vision of creating minimalist, modern and practical tools for the modern nomad, their base station is a testament to this philosophy with its brilliant sleek design complete with padded leather wireless charging surface; LED charging indicators and brilliant ambient light sensor.

However, what makes this solution different is its 3 high-power charging coils allowing you to wirelessly charge 2 devices at the same time! With this dual 10W wireless charging, there is also a USB-A/C outputs to charge other hardwired devices.

This simply stunning piece of hardware successfully accomplishes what Apple couldn’t, a wireless charging solution that works, oh and was actually released (*cough* AirPower).

ToughTested Bigfoot 24,000mAh Solar Power Bank


Now it’s time to cue the big guns, with the perfect off the grid power solution for the hungriest of devices! The ToughTested Solar Power bank can charge your phone nearly 10 times over with its impressive Type C charging in & out for Laptops and other advanced devices, and QuickCharge 3.0 for charging enabled devices 75% faster.

The build is also exceptional on this one with its unique IP67 water and dust resistance and shock proof, rugged patent-pending outer casing that protects it from drops and impacts.

However, the real star of this show, besides its epic battery capacity, is the unique and super-efficient 400mAh solar panel built into the power bank. Just 4-5 short hours in the sun is enough power to charge your device and make those important lifesaving calls.

Best of all, The ToughTested solar bank also includes their own Instasense technology that recognizes the device, reads each device’s amperage requirement and monitors each device’s battery and distributes power accordingly all the while charging 3 devices simultaneously, making this the most rugged and versatile option for those who need more power!

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