Cut to it! Three new products you must see!

We review so many products here at One Cut Reviews but occasionally a few will really grab our attention. These new product offerings are weird, wonderful and wicked in their own way, but we think you, our readers, will love them.

Hazen Mute Box


This simple but effective device aims to solve a fundamental problem when listening to music or podcasts through your smartphone, computer or speakers – the ability to mute sound without the hassle of unlocking your device or fumbling with volume controls.

The simple black fox features a single on/off switch and works with all devices that have a standard 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo jack output / input. You simply connect your headphones or stereo system to the box using the included cable and then connect it to any audio input. There are no batteries, apps or installs required and with the flick of the switch, all sound will cease.

While simple in design, it is effective in muting music in those uncomfortable situations or better yet blocking those annoying Spotify ads on a free account. Now, if only someone can create one of these that will work for my wife!

Rowdy Bars


Need a little energy boost or on the go snack? What about one that improves your overall gut health? Look no further! Rowdy Prebiotic foods, have created a healthy snack that is not only good for the waistline but for the tummy too.

With digestive issues becoming more apparent in the 18-45 age group, the team at Rowdy are on a mission to empower people to better digestive health so they can restore balance in their lives. Their Rowdy snack bars feature three basic ingredients, one of which is prebiotic gut hero the Yacon root, a South American root of the daisy family that improves digestive health by feeding your gut bacteria the stuff it needs, effectively cleansing your system and boosting your immunity.

Available in three very tasty flavors – Sunflower butter and berries, Chocolate coconut cashew and our favorite Peanutty dark chocolate, you are not only getting a tasty nutritious snack but also one that is good for you and we a big fan of that!

Offensive Crayons


This next one is NOT a stocking stuffer for your kids this Christmas! Offensive Crayons sound exactly as intended – say goodbye to your politically correct old color box and welcome this family of blunt, direct and irreverent shades.

Created from the frustration of just using “blue” or “brown” as indicators of color, the team have created some fun and slightly off-center names for their favorite shades with the purpose of livening up the coloring experience.

With shades like – miscarriage maroon, insufferable vegan green and drunken racist uncle purple – these are the perfect gift for that annoying adult that has fallen victim to the adult coloring book phenom.

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