Earin M2 wireless earphones

In a world where one company wants you to fill your ears with white electric toothbrush heads because they “look” premium, it is hard to be noticed, even if your product is superior. In 2019, it is time to forget about those blood thirsty, need-to-sell-a-kidney-to-buy-their-products type companies and start paying attention to those who are making their own way and doing a darn fine job doing so. If you are going to buy one pair of premium wireless earphones this year, Earin’s M2s should be at the top of your list!

Earin, may not be a household name yet, but since 2013 they have been driven by one desire and that is to create high fidelity audio devices without compromise. Their first iteration – the M1’s – were received quite well and helped launch the company, however, they failed to make a big enough splash in the wireless acoustic space. Their newest release, the M2’s, aims to bring that same lightweight, small form factor with a big immersive audio experience we have all come to love, but with some welcome enhancements.


The M2’s has been re-imagined with a focus on enhancing the user experience and it all begins with their exceptional redesign. The unique shape of the M2 not only creates excellent noise isolation from the outside world but features a unique touch interface on the tip of the earbud to control your music and more. They are also stored in a brilliant magnetic docking capsule that also charges the earphones, offering up to 14 hours of battery life and this is included in the retail package!

We also see some welcome new features in the M2’S such an all new patented automatic left/right recognition technology. A continual source of frustration with wireless earphones is trying to find that often indistinguishable left or right marking, Earin, have essentially eliminated this frustration with an in-built accelerometer that is configured to provide a signal indicative of an orientation, thus eliminating the need to mark each earphone with an R or an L, and accordingly eliminates the need for the user to look for such marks when inserting them into their ears.


The M2’s also now feature four integrated microphones with an industry leading custom algorithm that not only delivers an exceptional audio experience with ultra-low power ear to ear communication from left to right using NXP® Semiconductor’s MiGLO™ technology with Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) but also the ability to accept and respond to calls on the go. Better yet, Earin have also embedded some serious A.I into their product thanks to the integration of the Google Assistant built right into the earphones themselves. Users can now access Google ’s digital assistant simply with a long press of the earbud and brings excellent new functionality like voice search or adding appointments to your own Google calendar. Earin also offers exceptional versatility because if Google is not your thing, you can also use Siri or Alexa too!


Best of all, the M2’s are not your run of the mill uninspired and lifeless sounding earphones, they actually sound excellent with an exceptional balance of highs and lows. We threw our usual test tracks of Massive Attack’s Butterfly Caught and Radiohead’s Lotus Flower and both sounded quite amazing thanks to the Knowles™ Balanced Armature Speakers used within offering an impressive Frequency Range of 20-20000 Hz and Speaker Sensitivity of 106 dB SPL +-2dB.

So, to conclude, if we go through the checklist of what makes a great pair of wireless earphones like build, functionality and overall sound; Earin’s M2’s checks all these boxes and more and at just $175 USD with 30% as of the time of writing this, it makes them the better option for a truly wireless sonorousness experience.

Get yours at www.earin.com

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