GOVO Everyday Carry Products

Anyone in the corporate world knows how important your identification tag is, it is often the key to entering the entire building. Keeping this securely on your body is paramount to personal security and the security of the organization and no other company knows this better than GOVO, they specialize in developing top-tier everyday carry products.

For the past two years, the team at GOVO have focused their R&D on the concept that a product can bring great experiences to the end user, especially when the product is functional, reliable and executed properly. A testament to this design principle is their badge holder, heavy duty T3 lanyard and RFID blocking card.


Their badge holder is not like any other on the market and does not come with a cheap plastic sleeve and questionable of quality lanyard, in fact, their original badge holder started its life as a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign that was backed by over 4000 supporters. Designed with a 2mm thick scratchproof polycarbonate screen and polycarbonate back cover secured by steel fasteners, this thing has a uniquely industrial design that is built tough. Created to be an ID holder and wallet in 1, it can hold up to 4 cards and features a unique steel spring card holding system that holds the cards securely. The built-in metal connector also offers piece of mind as it is not likely to break from wear and tear and lose your important identifier. The metal connector also doubles as a belt loop or pocket clip that in our testing proved to be very sturdy and not easily shaken loose when hitting door frames or office desks.


The perfect accompaniment to this is their Heavy Duty T3 Lanyard. Crafted from a high-density nylon, the 6mm round lanyard features metal hardware clips for added durability and features a safe and convenient break-a-way buckle for easy attaching and fastening should the lanyard get caught. For added piece of mind, GOVO also sells a unique RFID blocking card that can easily slot into the badge holder and offer that extra layer of protection. Made from 0.9mm high strength PVC material that is completely water proof, the RFID technology embedded into the card works to protect your personal information such as drivers licenses, ID, credit cards, passport from unauthorized scans by would be identity thieves.


GOVO, want your badge holder to make a statement and it does! This thing looks tough and more importantly not easily trifled with, so, whether you are using it as an ID holder, wallet or key-chain this thing is built to last and keep your cards secure.

BUY the card holder here – GOVO Badge Holder/Wallet – Durable ID Card Holder with Metal Clip and 4 Cards Slot (Holds 1-4 Cards) Black

BUY the lanyard here – GOVO T3 Lanyard,Round Cord,Enhanced Metal Clip,Breakaway Buckle

BUY the RFID card here – GOVO RFID Blocking Card


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