Cauldryn Coffee

If you are anything like me, your average cup of joe is at its best when it is fresh out the pot and nothing can ruin a good coffee faster than cold cars in Winter. However, what if there was a way to keep your favorite warm beverage at the perfect temperature all day long? Well, now there is with Cauldryn Coffee – a travel mug that can brew coffee, heat up soup, cook and even boil water right there in the bottle.

The team at Cauldryn set out on quite the noble mission, one that speaks to coffee and tea drinkers around the world – create a bottle that offered reliable functionality from the daily work commute to the roads less traveled, and everywhere in between. They have managed to do this with one of their latest offerings called Cauldryn Coffee, a robust travel mug that includes an in-built heating element guaranteed to keep your drink toasty.


The powerful heating element in the Cauldryn Coffee vessel truly is the star of the show, with users being given the ability to regulate temperature of the liquid within using very simple touch settings or the app. The 16oz modular stainless-steel design of the mug, too, offers a lot of versatility with the ability to warm your drink using the built-in battery, desk base or their own Vehicle base and a standard 12V socket found in most cars. The battery and heating element too are also removable, which makes this very easy to clean. Something we were concerned about in the long term.


One thing we love about this product is the available accessories that can be added to the mug. There is an awesome blender attachment, which means you can make smoothies with your own fresh ingredients, right there in your own car. They even have an optional percolator attachment to grind those coffee beans the way you like it and then brew an amazing ‘cupper’ right there in the one place. We were also big fans of their special coffee drinkers’ lid, which helps avoid those unsightly commuting spills. There is even a Bluetooth speaker attachment, for those that want to enjoy some of their favorite tunes while sipping some coffee on a lazy Sunday!


The Cauldryn Coffee Mug truly is a jack of all trades when it comes to what it can truly do. From keeping your coffee warm, to boiling water to make cocoa, heating up your favorite soup and even blending your very own smoothie concoction, what it does – it does very well. It is a sturdy, modular travelers’ mug for those that need more than just a cup.

BUY yours here – Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug – Heated Mug, Vacuum Bottle, Temperature Controlled Mug, Battery Vacuum Bottle that Brews Coffee or Tea as well as Boils Water and Maintains Your Selected Temp All Day


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