Sheets & Giggles Eco Friendly Bed Sheets

There is a certain sense of luxury that comes from sleeping in premium bed sheets, that softness against your skin is simply unmatched. However, often quality bed sheets often come with a lofty price tag. Not anymore! One company wants you to literally get into bed with them with their line of Eco friendly and super soft sheets, that company is – Sheets & Giggles.


With the philosophy to actively make everyone happy, Sheets & Giggles know that it all starts with a good night’s sleep. Colorado native and founder Colin McIntosh’s Sheets & Giggles® bedding consists of sustainably made, 400-thread count sateen sheets that are static-free, moisture-wicking, use no insecticides or pesticides and are half the cost of its store-bought competition.

The reason these sheets are “so hot right now” is because unlike the many other options on the market, the are constructed from non-synthetic Eucalyptus Lyocell (sourced from naturally high-quality eucalyptus wood pulp) that has excellent breath-ability, is naturally softer without harsh chemicals and overall better for those with sensitive skin. However, it is not just how they are made that makes them special, but also, how much better they are for the environment overall. In fact, less energy, insecticide and water consumption are used in the manufacturing of Sheets & Giggles bed sheets, meaning they are a much better alternative than regular cotton.


This is also thanks in part to their own closed loop manufacturing process that uses relatively few chemicals with extremely little waste product and their promise for every order they receive, they will plant a tree somewhere in the US that needs reforestation via their one-for-one partnership with One Tree Planted.

So how do they feel? Well, we put Sheets & Giggles bed sheets to the test this past month by having one of our team members use them exclusively in her bedrooms and she said, “this is simply the most luxury anyone could ask for in the bedroom besides sleeping on a bed of hundred-dollar bills”. She said they felt super soft but not likely to fall apart after one wash, also, she was impressed by how breathable they were, as her husband usually runs hot at night.


Sheets & Giggles have made us rethink the way we feel about our bedding. We not only love a product that feels great but most importantly is better for the environment and in our books, they get our seal of approval.

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