FLXCUF – Roll them sleeves right!

To roll or not to roll that is the question! Unfortunately, for those that like to roll the sleeves on their dress shirt, the artistry involved in getting the consistent perfectly even roll is rare, often leading to frustration and awkward sideways glances from coworkers when one sleeve is 3 inches higher than the other. One company wants to take away this shame and humiliation with a clever little invention called the FLXCUF.


Designed to keep rolled-up dress shirt sleeves in place and intact, FLXCUF is a simple and stylish alternative to the traditional sleeve roll. Essentially the product is two buttons fastened between a 2-inch piece of stretchy elastane. To use the product, users simply roll the sleeves once or twice and fasten the button to the cufflink holes essentially bridging the gap between hole and button on the original shirt.


No readjustments are needed, and the palpable nature of the elastane means it can stretch at least two times its length, in case have Popeye like forearms. An advantage of the FLXCUF, too, is that it can fit any shirt, style or make and it keeps the sleeve roll tight and neat, eliminating stretched out and wrinkled shirt sleeves and constant re-rolling throughout the day.


For someone that always rolls their sleeves, the FLXCUF is a God-send, it is so simple and ingenious we can’t help wondering why we didn’t think of it ourselves. There are two universal shades – black and white for ultimate shirt compatibility and after using the product this past month, we can’t stop raving about this brilliant and affordable solution to such a common problem for most men. For that reason, the FLXCUF is our Product of the Month for February 2019.

Get yours at https://www.flxcuf.com/

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