Mophie Charge Stream Vent Mount

An unfortunate 1st world problem with most smartphones nowadays is that given their pure processing prowess, they have become more and more power hungry with most batteries meeting the minimum one day of use requirement but sadly not much more. For those that lean heavily on their devices throughout their day while commuting with things such as calls, streaming, navigation and more, a standard battery doesn’t always cut it with regular charges are needed throughout the day. With most devices now being equipped with wireless charging, Mophie, wants to eliminate pesky cables and make powering up even easier on the go with their Charge Stream, a car mount that doubles as a wireless Qi enabled charger.

Mophie, are not new to designing premium accessories for our smartphones, the California-based, award-winning designer and manufacturer is widely acclaimed for their innovative mobile solutions, including the original juice pack®, the first ever mobile battery case certified by Apple Inc, and space pack®, the world’s first rechargeable battery case with local built-in storage. With this legacy of great design comes their latest line – the Charge Stream – a series of wireless charging solutions to fix one of the most common complaints about our cellphones – battery life.


The Charge Stream Vent Mount is a universal car charging solution that wirelessly charges any qi-enabled smartphone via its powerful 10W output. This is thanks in part to the high-output Quick Charge 2.0 Car adapter that facilitates a fast and more importantly an efficient charge. The Vent Mount is constructed with brilliant rubber coated inner arms that adjust to hold your phone in place, while the rubberized charging surface provides a non slip grip that won’t scratch your phone. Installation of your phone into the mount is a breeze and conveniently clips in but we must admit that removing the phone with the fixed outer arms one handed (as Mophie promises) requires a little bit of patience and practice. We love that it holds the phone securely, but we still haven’t quite got the knack of it (yet).


We are very impressed with the speed at which Mophie’s Charge Stream powers up devices, in fact, it completely charged our pixel 3 within 75 minutes and that was even with an Otterbox case on, so no need to worry about cases interfering. One thing we do wish can be changed though is the vent clip, while it installed quite easily, it felt a little loose at times and while our device never fell, it didn’t instill much confidence. However, there is also the option to mount using the included 3M adhesive, which did work better in our situation.

Mophie, have another winner on their hands here. While there are many cheaper options on the market that perform similarly, there is no denying that you are simply not getting the same quality build and performance that Mophie is known for. The Charge Stream Vent Mount is a must have for the true road warrior!

BUY yours here – Charge Stream Qi Wireless Vent Mount Made for Apple, Samsung and Other Qi Enabled Smartphones – Black


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