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We use passwords, key fobs, and log ins for pretty much everything nowadays, not a day goes by where you are not undergoing some security measure to access your stuff! From entering that pin number to access your phone, remembering those arduous passwords for Internet Banking and even finding that lost car key the between the couch cushions. One company has created a secure access device that simply is the key to unlocking everything and that product is the – Everykey!

The water-resistant device with an impressive 2 weeks of battery life is essentially a Bluetooth LE enabled fob that replaces your keys and passwords. Each time Everykey broadcasts an encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy message, the message contents are changed, preventing a hacker from accessing your information. To do this, it features some powerful security features, such as four layers of AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit, and RSA 4096-bit encryption, and it even has a clever remote freezing option that prevents others from using your Everykey in the event that it is lost or stolen.


Despite its claims of being a highly secure device, we were skeptical as well, but rest assure passwords are never stored on an Everykey product, in fact, website and app passwords are stored on an Everykey secure server under the four layers of AES and RSA encryption. Don’t trust a company with your sensitive personal data? We don’t blame you! A unique feature of the Everykey is that your data cannot be accessed by them through the device because even that is encrypted using an encryption key that’s only stored on your own individual Everykey, meaning, the devices that it unlocks, the company has no way of decrypting your passwords. The team at Everykey have also settled our concerns by reminding us that their software is audited by RSM (formerly SecureState), a U.S. based security auditing firm for added peace of mind.


Setting up the device was very easy. You simply download the Everykey app on your smartphone, register and create a vault. You then pair the device and start adding your login and password information for those services you access the most. One thing we liked, was the ability to import your passwords from popular password saving services like 1Password or LastPass, this sped up the process. Using it, too, could not have been any easier, once the device has your data imported and is paired with your smartphone, your phone will remain unlocked and when you navigate to apps that require a login, Everykey will automatically input the data and away you go. Best of all, when you move more than 3 meters away from your phone, it will automatically lock the device. One thing worth noting is that when using the Everykey with computer logins, you must download the appropriate browser extension.


We realize that using the Everykey requires you to put a lot of faith in this technology and therein lies the problem. While we love the idea of the Everykey, there is a leap of faith involved. We will say, that this device continues to impress us one month on and has made our lives much easier. We have also never felt that our data was at risk, our only concern, was the given its svelte size, it does easily fall out of pockets, but this is remedied with their bracelet or key-chain add-ons you can purchase. Everykey, wants to be a one stop shop for those annoying log ins and passwords and as always, any creation that seeks to make us more productive, is okay in our books!

Get yours at https://everykey.com/

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  1. It would be nice if Everykey is fido2 and web authn certified. And native supported on all browsers and operating systems. I must admit the concept of everykey is really cool, especially when I first saw the prototype on a video.


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