Kono Nightfox Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards were all the rage in the mid 90’s with their clicky and often loud tactile buttons that were usually hardwired into monster sized IBM computer, but these were soon replaced with the more svelte, thinner and wireless options we have today. However, that doesn’t mean they ever really went away, mechanical keyboards are seeing a resurgence among the coding enthusiasts and nostalgia seekers and the team at Kono, set out to make create the ultimate customizable keyboard with help from keyboard enthusiast community Input Club and it is quite special.

What started as a quest to create a keyboard that prevented RSI in the coding community, this successful Kickstarter campaign created an inspired mechanical keyboard like the world has never seen before. With its fully programmable keys, PBT keycaps with custom legends, open source hardware, new keyswitch types, USB-C connectivity all wrapped up in a sweet compact anodized aluminum body, the villainous red on dark anthracite coal design is quite striking and quite the head turner.


The Nightfox is also impressively compact and this is thanks in part to Kono’s 65% layout that essentially removes all ‘unnecessary’ or less-used keys and relocates them onto a programmable layer accessed by the FN key. The programmable layer can be fully customized by the end user using the very simple online configurator. This added versatility means that anyone can create their desired key layout and flash it to their keyboard.


Using the Nightfox keyboard is also very comfortable and responsive and this is thanks in part to the Hako switches that pair with Kaihua’s Box architecture, a self-cleaning, highly engineered slider to create amazing smoothness and tactility. If users prefer, they can also use other switch options like the Kaihua Blues that uses durable contacts and an improved MX-style click mechanism to achieve consistent tactility.


After using the keyboard for the past month, we will openly admit that we absolutely love the Nightfox, its aircraft grade aluminum construction, future proof USB-C connectivity, customizable switches and responsive feel add up to an exceptional experience for those that are tapping away for hours a day. It also comes in a convenient carry case to take it on the go and as a result has become the tool by which we write these reviews. So, when speed, accuracy and the desire to make some noise is important, Kono have simply knocked it out of the park with this one.

Get yours at https://kono.store/

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