When only the best will do – A Cellphone Accessories Special!

One of the most common things to find its way across our desk is cellphone accessories and we have reviewed A LOT OF them! However, how do you filter through the noise when there are just as many bad products as there is good in this space? Simple, we are here to help. We have compiled our list of simply the best accessory products by the best brands there are in the smartphone space. For the sake of simplicity, here are our suggestions:

Pure class: Nomad Rugged Case for iPhone and Android and Bellroy Leather Case

When you want the perfect balance between form and function, you need to look no further than Nomad. They specialize in creating accessories for the “modern nomad” and pride themselves on genuine leather phone cases and high quality accessories that get the job done while looking great!

The Leather cases have been rigorously prototyped with many designs, materials and fabrication techniques until they created something to truly embodies everything one would want in a leather case. Crafted from beautiful Horween genuine leather that ages gracefully over time, it fully wraps around the phone and extends over all contours, safeguarding those vulnerable edges – important with the modern all glass design aesthetic.

There are also very precise cut-outs for the speakers, charging ports, silence switches and camera to give access where you need it, while still protecting your phone’s core components. Their line of leather cases are simply classy and you simply can’t go wrong here.

For those seeking something more colorful, the leather case by Bellroy is equally as premium with its slim profile and microfiber lined interior that just screams perfection!

Made from premium, environmentally certified leather and flex polymer, Bellroy’s leather case, especially for the Pixel is Google certified, meaning, even they recognize it as being a great case and fully endorse it! Best of all, their cases come with an exceptional 3 year warranty.

One thing we love about Bellroy is that they also have an exceptional wallet case made form the same premium leather and many other accessories from wallets to work accessories that are nothing short of stunning.

Power Up: Native Union Dock Wireless Charger


While wireless chargers are so hot right now, it is easy to be fooled into buying one because it does what is advertised but you should expect more for your money. The Native Union Dock Wireless Charger is a fully Qi certified device that powers up your phone faster than most other chargers on the market with its powerful 10 watt output, a full 2.5-5 watts more power than usual.

Meticulously designed to provide the optimal viewing angle for video calls and facial recognition, the dual-coil wireless charger allows for easy access to your phone while charging in both landscape and portrait modes. Made from practical and eye catching premium woven fabric, it features a unique thermal protection sensor and foreign object detector providing fast and safe operation – always.

Best of all, the device comes with a generous 6ft of USB-cable that allows you to position the device pretty much anywhere in the home with ease. Dead batteries are no more with this wireless charger!

Strong and Versatile – Decoded Wallet Case and Mous Limitless 2.0 Case

You have probably seen many of Mous’ viral videos of people using their cases and throwing their phone down flights of stairs unscathed and there is good reason for that – the case essentially makes your phone almost indestructible. This is largely in part thanks to their proprietary high impact AiroShock™ material that the case is constructed from. It contains thousands of micro air pockets that act as tiny springs, significantly dampening the impact of falls. The triple-layered blend of TPU, PET & Silicon makes this case in a league of its own and takes the crown for the best slim tough case you can buy especially for the iPhone.

Handmade from premium full grain leather, this classic Decoded folio case envelops the outer of the phone and wraps it in a chain of air chambers and advanced impact materials to protect the phone from drops. However, it also offers superb wallet functionality with space to hold bills, notes and several cards and most importantly, has a magnetic clasp to keep the folio closed securely, something strangely absent from other cases in the market.

Protection: Nanofixit


If you are not a fan of those flimsy plastic screen protectors or don’t like the look and feel of an added slab of glass on top of your screen but still want excellent protection for your device, then you need Nanofixit.

Their team has developed over the past few years a range of nano-coating technologies that originally were used for making high-end cars like Aston Martin or Ferrari “un-scratchable”, protecting them against day-to-day wear and tear. They have now brought this technology to the smartphone world.

Their liquid screen protector essentially adds a coating to your phone that lasts up to a year and makes the phone screen itself ultra-scratch resistant, reduces radiation, makes it germ free & even water repellent. This eco friendly solution makes the screen up to 4 times harder to break by filling in the micropores in the glass to give your screen a 9H hardness rating, which is very good and almost impervious to damage.

Best of all, for those of you lucky enough to have one of those fancy new folding phones, this currently is the only option available to protect your screens and after using this product extensively these past few months, we can confirm it does indeed protect your device very well and is a worthwhile investment.

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