Zenbivy Bed

If you have ever been camping backcountry style, then you know how uncomfortable sleeping in a “sleeping” bag can be. It is near impossible to get find a proper restful sleeping position and get some quality shut eye. One company wants to change all that, Zenbivy, have created the ultimate hybrid sleeping bag that allows you to sleep comfortably in any position and enjoy your outdoor experience more than ever before!

Designed to allow natural sleep and effortless transitions between sleep positions, the Zenbivy bed features a two-piece design that is not a cacophonous bag to sleep in but rather a backpacking quilt that allows more natural movement, so you avoid the twisting and nylon-suffocation of a confining “sleeping bag. With the Zenbivy Bed, you don’t slide off the mattress. You cover it with a soft sheet and lie on it, just like at home. The separate quilt “floats” even when zipped in, so it won’t twist around you, pin you, or trap you.

One thing we appreciated about the Bed is its versatility, we love that you can open it up and use it like a blanket or close the footbox, so your feet are not exposed, and regulate your temperature better using the top half more like a conventional bed cover. Better yet, the sides also have zippers and you can pop your head and arms under the hood and go full mummy style if you are more susceptible to the cold.


If you are worried about warmth or the weather, worry no more, the Zenbivy bed is filled with premium 700 fill power HyperDRY™ fluorocarbon-free water-resistant down from Allied which will keep you toasty dry. The inner lining is also constructed from 50 denier polyester yarn woven into Pongee for some cozy softness against your skin and feels much more lux than other outdoor sleeping alternatives. Lastly, the 20-denier nylon with simple Taffeta weave outer also means that you are getting a durable and lightweight bed (just over 2 pounds) that is easy to carry and is built to last.


To put it simply, Zenbivy have reinvented the mouse trap, they took an existing product in the market and in every way possible made it better and more practical and in our books that makes this product a sure-fire winner!

Get yours at https://zenbivy.com/

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