Kangaroo Motion Sensor

Home security over the past few years has come into the digital age with Wi-Fi enabled app-based systems that immediately notify home owners when an anomaly is detected. The problem is, many of these systems are pricey and have exuberant monthly monitoring fees. The team at Kangaroo (a company name after my Australian heart) want to change all that with their app enabled motion sensor that costs just $15!


The 3×1 inch peel and stick motion sensor with its classic all white design motif seamlessly blends into most home decor and is one of the most affordable, convenient and easy to use systems we have ever tried. Powered by just two AA batteries providing a year of uninterrupted service, their sensor can track movement up to 15 feet away thanks to its impressive 120-degree field of view, has clever tamper detection functionality and even built-in pet rejection for pets under 1m tall.


It gets better…the sensor connects to your home Wi-Fi network with ease and does not need any costly additional hub to function. The system will simply send alerts to you, members of your household, or your neighbors if motion is detected on your cellular device through their proprietary free app or better yet, for a small fee, you can sign up for pro-monitoring that enables the alerts to be automatically sent to emergency services. The Pro-monitoring solution also brings 24/7 professional monitoring, text and call notification, Alexa integration and can even reduce your home insurance by up to 20% (provider dependent).


The Kangaroo Motion Sensor has impressed us over our review period, these could not be easier to setup and use. Detection is instantaneous, pro-monitoring works exceptionally well and affordable plus their app is intuitive. The icing on the cake must be that you even get a convenient 14-day trial period to see if this is right for you. Kangaroo’s motion sensor is yet another product that proves that good products doe not need to be elaborate or expensive, they just need to work, and they have simply knocked it out of the park with this one.

BUY yours at – Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor: Wireless WiFi Motion Detector – App-Based – Insurance Home Security System, Office or Any Sensitive Location


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