Glance Clock

Being successful in the modern world means being connected, however, when life is going on around you, those “important” notifications that are pinging your phone constantly can be distracting. This is where the Glance Clock comes in, as we are constantly reminded of how little time we have in the day, this re-imagining of the classic wall clock will allow you to glance at only what’s important to you as you go about your day.

This modern take on a contemporary classic features a 9-inch full-color backlit LED display that shows data that is synced by Bluetooth from your smartphone. With the ability to see calendar appointments, reminders, incoming calls, weather notifications and more illuminate the display is really quite the sight to see.


Set up too, could not be any easier. After downloading the latest version of the Glance mobile app, the device draws its data from the most popular services and smart home devices. You then simply pick your favorite ones, add the information that you want to see on your Glance clock and you are good to go! You can even set your own scripts and rules how and when you want to see information on your clock, which we really liked.


There are some unique features which make this even more impressive, including a Do not Disturb mode for those days you just want to disconnect from the world completely. Also, a welcome Night Mode, which activates a digital clock that you can see at night when the hands are not visible, and notifications are displayed silently.

We are not overstating it when we say – We love the Glance Clock! It fulfills its promise to allow consumers to put the phone away and create a distraction-free environment and anything that makes us less connected to our devices and more to the world gets our tick of approval!

BUY yours here – Glance Clock Smart Notification Wall Clock for Calendar Events, Timers, Weather, and IFTTT Alerts (Android, iOS Smartphones) – Silver


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